Confetti Studios.

Sprinkling experiences back into existence.

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(n.) Curated, original, novel, focused experiences that target imagination.

How it works.

Experiences are not limited to milestones. Life is something that should be celebrated every day. Design your experience in just three steps:

Step One.

Take our Design Lab Questionnaire so our Design Technicians can get to understand what type of experience you need.

Step Two.

Once Confetti Studios receives your results, we will reach out and schedule a time to chat and make sure our visions are aligned.

Step Three.

Once we have your approval, we will start designing your perfect experience!


Case Study.

Innerbloom Experience Box

Birthday Present

Case Study.

Klein College Career Center



We use an experience-based pricing model based on:


Your set budget for activities, accessories and supplies.


The cost of shipping and handling fees.


The design fee for your experience. This includes costs spanning from ideation to distribution.