Gift boxes are out.
Delivery-based experience boxes are in.

Confetti Studios.


What we do.

Confetti Studios takes your gifting needs and creates a customized package delivered right to your door—or doors, or your friends' doors, or your employees' doors.

You can create your gift or package two ways:

Image by Yoann Siloine


(n.) Curated, original, novel, fun experiences that target imagination.


Designing experiences is never a one-size-fits-all approach. That is why we use a pricing model that is as flexible as our creativity. We use an experience-based pricing model based on:


Your set budget for activities, accessories and supplies.


The cost of shipping and handling fees.


The design fee for your experience. This includes costs spanning from ideation to distribution.




Box or Experience for One, Please!

Whether you or a loved one needs a self-care hour, we know just what you need.

Other solo boxes and experience ideas include:

  • Birthday

  • Teacher appreciation

  • Employee appreciation

  • Thinking-of-You

  • Parent's day